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DIY Dog Stroller

Modify a jogging stroller to accommodate your dog! Remove any unnecessary parts on the stroller, such as the baby seat, and find a plastic storage bin that will fit the stroller and accommodate your dog. Cut a wood board for the platform and use blocks of wood to support the platform over the front wheel of the stroller. Rest the plastic container on the platform, drill holes on either side of the container near the stroller bars, attach zip ties through the holes to secure the container on the stroller and wrap a bungee cord around the container for extra hold. Cut a non-slip shelf liner to fit the bottom of the container, place a folded piece of padding or a towel over the liner and hang a bag from the handles to carry supplies, such as water, dog toys, an extra leash or pick-up bags. Consider attaching reflectors to the stroller for night walks or using zip ties to attach a plastic container for a cup holder.

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