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DIY Feather Spinner Cat Wand

Make a spinning feather wand to keep your cat pouncing! Cut a hole in the tip of a vinyl cap and cut out a notch from either side of the open end of the cap. Flatten the loop of a fishing lure spinner, feed the spinner through the hole in the tip of the vinyl cap, slide a hex nut onto the flat loop and use pliers to expand the loop to its original shape. Tie pieces of lightweight string, ribbon or tinsel through the loop, pull the spinner back into the cap until the hex nut is against the hole and glue the hex nut in place. Glue the tip of two pheasant feathers into the cap with each feather leaning against one of the notches on the end of the cap and the outside of the feathers facing inwards. Cut a half-moon of felt, decorate the felt with small pieces of fabric and glue the felt around the vinyl cap. Tie a string to the top of the spinner, cut off the tip of another vinyl cap, knot the end of the string inside the cap and glue the cap onto the end of a wood dowel or plastic blind rod.

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