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DIY Goat Playground Tower

Build a tower for your goats playground! Cut four sturdy wood beams for the main posts of the structure and use wood boards to hold the posts in place. Assemble wood boards into a platform, staircase, slide and arched roof, and attach the structures to the posts. Place the goat playground in your yard and furnish the surrounding area with smaller structures for your sheep or goats to climb, such as a collection of tree stumps, balance beam or small platform.

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  1. Roy
    2014/12/21 @ 8:26pm #

    Are plans for the goat playground tower available? I have several goats and this would be a perfect addition to their area. If plans are available, please notify me ASAP.
    Thank you for your attention.

    • ArfMeow
      2014/12/22 @ 10:55am #

      There aren’t any building available plans for this project, however, if you go to the full project link, you can see pictures of the playground tower being constructed. Hope that helps!

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