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DIY Hermit Crab Habitat

Use plastic containers to make a healthy habitat for your hermit crabs! Remove the lid from a plastic storage bin and fill one side with sand and the other side with soil. Hang plastic baskets on the walls with zip ties, use suction cups to hang pieces of a net around the walls for your crabs to climb and attach a hamster wheel to the wall of the cage for your crab to exercise. Fill a small plastic containers with rocks or sea shells, bury the container in the substrate and fill the pool with water. Make a natural hide by cutting a hole out of the side of a plastic bowl, painting the bowl with glue and rolling the bowl in sand or gravel. Regularly moisten the soil, fill the baskets with sea shells or a moss garden, add plants and other decorations to your homemade hermit crab habitat and place a thermometer in the cage to monitor the temperature for your pets.

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  1. Amanda
    2014/08/01 @ 6:22pm #

    What do you do for the lid on this? I cant believe I never thought of using a plastic tub! This is great!

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