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DIY Ledge Bookcase Condo

Build a bookcase-style condo for your cat! Measure the space available as well as any items that you will be incorporating into the condo, such as a litter box. Construct the main frame of the bookcase. Attach a wood board perpendicularly on each of the shelves to create a ledge, zigzagging the ledges from one side of the bookcase to the other. Assemble small ladders for the lower shelves, and attach the ladders on the ledges. Cut a piece of wood to fit in the top shelf as a wall, cut a hole in the wall for a window, and attach the wall in place. Cut pieces of foam to fit on the shelves, sew a pillowcase for each piece of foam, and use Velcro fasteners to attach the cushions on the upper shelves. Attach an eye hook on the end of one middle ledge, and tie a cat toy onto the hook. Put pieces of carpet on the shelves, along with any other items your cat might like to have in the condo, such as a food dish, and use Velcro fasteners to attach each item on the shelves as needed.

Special thanks to Michael Lee for creating this project!

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