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DIY Pet Holiday Safety

Have a safe and pet-friendly holiday! Hang pet toys as ornaments on the lower branches of your tree to keep your pet from playing with your breakable ornaments, consider adding a piece of duct tape to the hanger of precious ornaments and wrap the tree water container like a present to keep your pet from drinking the toxic water. Remove any choking hazards from your pets reach, such as tinsel or Styrofoam decorations, and ensure any electrical cords are covered with duct tape. Keep an ID tag on your pet while relatives are visiting in case a door gets left open, reserve a quite place in your home for your pet to retreat into and remind your guests not to give any table scraps to your pet due to the variety of holiday cooking ingredients and potential toxicity. Exchange any poisonous holiday plants like holly or lilies with pet-friendly plants such as wheat grass or orchids. Include your pet in the festivities with pet-friendly treats, a special meal of their own and presents to be the focus of their energy.

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