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DIY Triangle Mice Toys

Sew a mouse toy for your cat! Select a decorative fabric for the toy. Draw the shape needed for each part of the toy on paper, cut out the paper shapes and use the templates to cut the shapes out of the fabric. Fold each part of the ears to make a crease, iron the creases so they stay in place while you sew, then sew the front of the ears onto the back. Sew the front half of the mouse to the back half with the ears between the two parts. Set the pieces for the top and bottom of the mouse together with the wrong sides facing out, and sew up the sides and part of the back. Sew a folded string for the tail into the back edges of the mouse, turn the fabric right-side out, stuff the toy, then finish sewing it closed. Use non-toxic markers to draw the facial features on the toy and tie a ribbon around the tail.

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