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DIY Turtle Basking Box

Construct a turtle basking box to fit your aquarium tank! Measure the top of your aquarium and cut a piece of Plexiglas to the size needed for the platform. Cut pieces of Plexiglas for each of the walls and stairs, and glue the walls of the box in place with aquarium silicone. Cut pieces of gutter guard to the size needed for each of the stairs and platform, and hold the gutter guard pieces in place while you attach the stairs with carriage bolts and nuts. Place the turtle basking box on your tank, hang a light over the area and decorate the box with rocks, plants or other items your pet turtle might enjoy.

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  1. BeehindBlueEyes
    2015/02/26 @ 5:44am #

    That link for the basking box isn’t right unless I am missing something.

    • ArfMeow
      2015/02/26 @ 6:30am #

      It looks like the source website for this post has been deleted. This just happens sometimes unfortunately. Thanks for letting us know! Hopefully the information we have provided is enough for you to be able to create this project! Feel free to ask us any questions about it though and if we can help, we gladly will! Best of luck!

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