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DIY Vertical Ant Farm

Build a vertical ant farm! Select a piece of autoclaved aerated concrete or plaster board for the nest area and carve a zigzag line down the front of the nest for the main tunnel. Carve out a series of large and small chamber rows for the various ant tasks and carve additional passageways to connect the chambers. Sand the front of the slab flat, drill several holes into the back of the slab for an irrigation system and glue a piece of solid tubing into each hole. Attach flexible tubes to each of the solid tubes, use pipe splitters to connect the flexible tubes, use cable clips to hold the tubes in place and attach a water inlet at the top. Select the humidity chambers, paint the remainder of the nest and use silicone to glue a piece of glass to the front of the nest. Drill a hole in the top of the nest for access to the foraging area, insert a solid tube in the hole, cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic terrarium and attach the terrarium to the top of the ant farm.

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