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Plastic Ball Treat Dispenser

Keep your fish entertained and challenged with this simple treat dispenser! Get a clear plastic ball or round bottle. Cut off any neck on the bottle for it to be completely round, and drill several additional holes around the ball that are a good size to prevent your fish’s head from being able to get stuck, but are large enough for the food to fall out. Sand the cut edges of the plastic smooth or cover the cut edges with a thick layer of aquarium silicone. Place some gel fish food inside the ball and drop it in your aquarium. Make additional treat dispenser balls so that all of your fish can play at once.

Comments: 2

  1. Leeanne
    2015/04/26 @ 11:58am #

    Hi, you may want to write a disclaimer about the fish treat ball dispenser and how they can get their heads stuck, so either don’t use it or only put it in there when you are around. Also, it has sharp-looking edges and this will scrape the coating off the fish, leaving it open to diseases.
    Cute idea, but not for fish.

    • ArfMeow
      2015/04/26 @ 6:39pm #

      Thanks for your input! We updated the information to address your thoughts. Yay fish!

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