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Plastic Bottle Ant Farm

Turn plastic bottles into an ant farm! Cut off the neck of a 2-liter and 1-liter plastic bottle, wrap the small plastic bottle in black paper and use glue or glue tack to secure the small bottle in the center of the large bottle. Find an ant hill and gather ants by shoveling part of the colony into a cup or setting a jar of fruit near the ant hill. Use the removed 1-liter bottle top to funnel the ants into your ant farm, cover the top of the ant farm with a paper towel and secure the paper towel with a rubber band. Poke tiny holes in the paper towel for ventilation soak a cotton ball in water to supply your ants with a drink and feed your ants as needed. Be sure your ant farm has a queen ant or return your ants to their colony after several weeks.

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