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PVC Sugar Glider Kitchen

Use PVC pipe to make a hanging kitchen for your sugar gliders! Select a storage container for your kitchen and cut a hole out of the side. Cut pieces of PVC pipe to fit around the container and use PVC connectors to assemble the frame. Cut pieces of mesh to cover the center of the frame and wrap around the container, and use zip ties to secure the mesh to the pipes. Use PVC pipe and plastic chains to make a swing and attach the mesh over the swing with zip ties.

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  1. Husein
    2015/11/21 @ 10:51am #

    Hello sir.
    What is the name of the mesh you use sir?
    I am going to build a cage with a mesh like that, but I don’t know the name of the mesh.
    Please sir, thank you.
    BTW, sorry for my bad English verbs… I’m from Indonesia.

    • ArfMeow
      2015/11/21 @ 12:16pm #

      The mesh used in this project looks like it might be “landware cloth”. Another great mesh for projects like this is “plastic Gutter Guard”. For a less rigid mesh, a “plastic safety fence” mesh works well.
      To help with your project, here are a couple great cage examples made with PVC and a plastic mesh:
      PVC Sugar Glider Cage
      PVC Iguana Cage
      Good luck!

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