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DIY Automatic Ball Launcher

Build a tennis ball launcher that your dog can operate alone! Mount a small motor, such as from a car door window, through an aluminum plate, mount the aluminum plate to a piece of wood and attach a lever to the motor. Attach the far side of the lever to a second wood board and mount the box onto a wood platform. Wire the switches, a relay and battery, and mount each piece to the structure with one switch on the platform inside the box for the rolling ball to activate. Attach thin wood blocks on either inside board to stop the ball, cut a wood beam at an angle to make a ramp and install the ramp between the wood boards for the ball to roll onto the switch. Attach a thin piece of wood to the front of the ball launcher for added support and to keep your dog’s head out of the box. Cut four flat-top triangles from cardboard, use duct tape to assemble the cardboard pieces into a funnel shape, and attach the funnel to the top of the ball launcher.

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