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DIY Canopy Hammock

Create this cozy nest for your critter! Draw a square on a piece of newspaper that is the ideal size for the hammock, then draw a second square around the first that is a couple inches larger on each side. Cut out the large square and use the template to cut four matching squares from a piece of thick fabric, such as fleece. Cut each edge of each square into fringe, lay two pieces of fleece together and tie a piece of fringe from each fabric together. Continue tying fringe pieces until the two fabrics are joined, then repeat the process to connect the remaining two pieces of fleece. Cut multiple strips of fabric, tie several strands together, and braid the strands. Repeat the process to make three more braids, then tie the braids to the corners of the square fringe pieces. Tie additional strips of fabric to the top corners to hang the hammock.

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