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DIY Plastic Cat Wheel

Construct a cat-sized hamster wheel! Determine the ideal size for your cat wheel and cut a piece of plastic sheeting to the length needed. Cut two pieces of sturdy but flexible pipe and attach the pipes along either long edge on one side of the plastic sheet. Bend the plastic sheet into a circle and bolt the edges together with brackets. Cut a piece of wood for the platform of the wheel and attach four stationary casters on the platform to fit just inside the pipes on the wheel edges. Use non-slip tape to cover the metal brackets inside the wheel and the rest of the wheel interior if desired. Use a laser pointer to entice your cat to run in the wheel, or set the wheel next to a wall and attach a cat wand on the wall towards one side of the wheel interior with a toy on the end of the wand to entice your cat to run.

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  1. Brian S
    2015/12/03 @ 1:22am #

    Where do I buy Coroplast, and how big of a sheet, and what are the rails exactly?

    • ArfMeow
      2015/12/06 @ 11:21am #

      We’ve changed the title of this post to say “plastic”; any type of flexible, but solid plastic sheet will do. Major hardware stores should have something available that can work. A piece that is about 10 feet long and 3 feet wide should be a good size, depending on the size of your cat, but see how it looks in a circle in the store before you buy it. The rails look like they are flexible PVC, but again, any type of flexible but solid pipes or tubing will work. Good luck!

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