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DIY Dog Turkey Costume

Make a turkey costume for your dog to wear on Thanksgiving! Draw the shape for the turkey feathers on a piece of paper, cut out the shape, and use the paper template to cut out matching feathers from various colors of felt. Also cut out feather pieces from pieces of thin cardboard, such as a cereal box. Sew a felt feather onto either side of each cardboard feather, and decorate the feathers with small pieces of felt on near the tips. Measure your dog and cut a strip of fabric to the size needed for the waistband. Attach the feathers on the waistband and put Velcro fasteners on the ends of the waistband. Cut a thin strip of fabric to wrap around your dog’s muzzle, cut a piece of red felt to look like a turkey wattle, and attach the wattle on the muzzle strap.

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