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DIY Flower Perch Toy

Hang a homemade flower in your bird or sugar glider cage as a perch toy! Cut an electrical cable to the desired length for the perch, cut three strips of green fabric to twice the length of the cable and cut a variety of small decorative fabric strips. Bend each end of the electrical cable into a loop and hang a lanyard clip on one end of the cable. Cover the ends with small squares of fabric and use a zip tie to secure the fabric over the loops. Use a rubber band to hold the three green strips to the top end of the cable while you braid the fabric around the cable and then secure the braid at either end with a strip of fabric. Tie the remaining strips of fabric around the end of the cable to look like a flower, bend the perch into the optimal shape for your pet’s cage and hang the decorative perch for your pet to enjoy.

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