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DIY Hummingbird Feeder Bar

Build a feeder bar to accommodate all the hummingbirds in your area! Cut a piece of PVC pipe to the length needed, feed a PVC T-connector onto the center of the pipe and attach a PVC cap on either end. Drill holes along the top edges of the pipe and insert a small red cap, such as from a lip balm, in each hole and drill a smaller hole in each cap. Glue thin wood dowels along either side of the pipe for the birds to use as a perch and drill a hole through the top of the pipe inside the T-connector. Select an old bottle that fits well in the T-connector, such as a wine bottle, fill it with hummingbird nectar and attach a pour spout on the bottle. Drill a hole in the top of two wood poles, attach a U-shaped storage hook in the top of each pole and set the feeder bar in the hooks.

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