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DIY Jingle Bell Saddle Pad

Make a festive saddle pad for your horse to wear for the Christmas season! Measure one of your horse’s saddle pads. Cut two pieces of fabric to the size needed to cover the saddle pad, and cut strips of the same fabric to hang off the sides. Sew the short sides of the fabric pieces together with the fabric strips between them. Draw the shape of a holly leaf on a piece of paper, cut out the shape, and use the paper template to cut the shape out of a piece of green fabric as many times as there are fabric strips. Sew a jingle bell and a holly leaf onto each fabric strip. Cut the bottom piece of the saddle pad cover in half to make it like a pillowcase, then sew the long edges shut. Add extra holly leaves or bells on the top of the cover, then put a saddle pad inside.

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