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DIY Motorized Fish Feeder

Keep your fish fed on a schedule even when you’re not around! Attach a plastic cap on a motor, then attach a long drill bit in the cap. Measure a plastic container, cut plastic sheets to fit inside the container, and glue the sheets in place to create a V in one side of the container with vertical sheets in the middle to close off the V area. Drill a hole through the container and the plastic sheet divider inside. Insert the drill bit on the motor through the holes in the container. Wire the motor to an arduino, install software on the arduino, put the electronics and wires in the open area of the plastic container, and glue plastic sheets over the area to enclose the electronics. Plug the feeder into a timer, pour fish food into the V area, and set the feeder on your aquarium with the end of the drill bit extending over the water. Consider attaching a feeder ring under the spout.

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