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DIY Outdoor Cat House

Turn a cooler into a warm shelter for an outdoor cat! Cut a small doorway out of the side of the cooler and cut a rectangle of carpeting just larger than the doorway. Slice the carpeting up the center and attach it to the inside of the cooler as a doorway flap. Drill a groove out of the back edge of the cooler for the rope light, curl the rope light around the cooler lid and attach the lights with wood screws. Line the inner edges of the cooler and lid with weather stripping to prevent water from leaking into the cooler. Place a rug and food bowl inside the cooler for your stray cat and turn on the lights to warm the shelter during the winter.

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  1. Jennifer
    2014/08/15 @ 9:41pm #

    What is the coldest temperature you have used this cat home in?

    • ArfMeow
      2014/08/16 @ 11:46am #

      The source mentions that the water in a plastic bowl inside the cooler did not freeze even with below-freezing temperatures outside. Exactly what temperature outside would be required for that to no longer be true (or whether it’s even possible for that not to be true) is not mentioned.

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