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DIY Santa Horse Blanket

Keep your horse warm in style this Christmas! Get one of your horse’s cooling blankets and fold it in half along the back of the blanket. Use the folded blanket as a template to cut out the same shape from a piece of red fleece, repeat to make a second shape, then sew the two halves of the red blanket together along the back seam. Cut pieces of craft fur to line the edge of the blanket and sew the trim in place or use fabric glue to attach the trim. Cut a piece of black naugahyde to the length needed for the belt, fold the belt edges along the long sides inward and sew the edges in place. Attach Velcro fasteners to either side of the belt, cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of a belt buckle, paint the buckle gold and glue the buckle onto the belt. Attach a strip of white fleece to one side of the front of the blanket for a strap, cut a slit in the free end of the strip and attach a button to the other side of the blanket.

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