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Pet Types: Birds, Bugs, Rodents
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DIY Small Pet Swing Set

Construct a miniature swing set for your birds, rats or other small pets! Cut a piece of wood for the platform base, gather sticks that are safe for your pet or wood dowels and cut the sticks to the necessary lengths. Paint the wood dowels if desired or clean the sticks that were gathered outdoors. Drill slight indents on each of the A-frame poles for the cross-bar, drill several holes through the top bar of the swing set and glue the frame of the swing set together. Cut pieces of rope or twine for the swings, knot the bottom of the rope, put a bead on the swing and knot the rope through the holes across the top bar of the swing set. Glue or drill the swing set onto the platform base, make a ladder or perch to attach to the swing set and coat the playground with a waterproof sealant.

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