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DIY Sock Duckling Diaper

Use a sock to make a diaper for your duck! Select an ankle sock that will fit your duckling well. Lay the sock flat and cut out a half-oval shape from the center of the sock. Cut the ankle of the sock open, cut a slit along the top of the toe and poke a hole on each side of the ankle and the toe slit. Feed a shoelace through the ankle holes, tie the shoelace and feed the ends of the shoelace through the toe slit holes. Place a piece of diaper or folded paper towel inside the toe of the sock for a diaper.

Comments: One brave sole.

  1. Josie
    2015/04/01 @ 3:41pm #

    Love this DIY; it has inspired me to make some for my own quad squad. I like more of the open tail idea; more than welcome to share for those interested. Email me if you are, and I can make and send out some templates to you guys. All original credit goes to this lovely lady who originally thought of this idea.

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