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DIY Tire Cat Scratcher

Turn an old car tire into a scratching post ottoman for your cat! Cut a circle of wood to fit on top of the tire and attach the wood on the tire with screws. Paint the top platform with nontoxic glue, place the end of a sisal rope on the center and wind the rope in a spiral over the top platform. Paint the sides of the tire with nontoxic glue and continue wrapping the rope around the sides of the tire, then cut the rope when the tire is completely covered with rope.

Comments: One brave sole.

  1. Amy
    2014/12/17 @ 9:43pm #

    I suggest omitting the chemical sealant. Even when dry, the chemical gets on cat paws/claws and they end up ingesting it (especially if they really go to town on it as much as mine do). You might give an alternative option that won’t risk their health, though I think this project would be just fine without a sealant. I’ll be making a couple scratch posts out of some small down tree logs I have, attached to some cut wood pieces. Thanks!

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