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DIY Wood Grooming Table

Construct a folding grooming table to more easily groom your rabbit or small dog! Cut a square of wood for the platform of the table, cut four pieces of wood trim for the sides of the table box and use finish staples or wood glue to assemble the box. Cut four pieces of wood for the table legs, cut each corner of the bottom of each leg at an angle and attach the legs in two X-shapes. Attach the X-shapes to either side of the table and attach blocks of wood across each set of legs to add stability. Glue a piece of wood onto the top of the table to create a box for grooming supplies, attach a lid on hinges over the grooming box and use a gate latch to fasten the box. Cut a square of carpet, foam or a rubber mat to fit inside the table, paint or stain the grooming table and cover the table with a sealant.

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