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Image Credit: klreinhardt.blogspot.ca
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Armoire Bearded Dragon Cage

Convert an armoire into a cage for your bearded dragon! Get an armoire, remove any shelves needed, and drill holes for ventilation if there are not any available already. Reposition the shelves in the ideal locations and attach a wood bar across the front of the reptile area near the top. Paint the inside and outside of the armoire and cover the reptile cage area with Minwax. Attach a strip light on the ceiling of the reptile area near the back and a heat lamp in the middle. Install a Plexiglas window above the bar in the reptile area, attach slinging tracks along the top and bottom of the door area, and put two pieces of Plexiglas in the tracks. Attach wood doors on the armoire for the reptile area and the shelving area with hinges. Cut pieces of tile to fit the interior of the reptile area and pieces to line the base of the back wall. Furnish the habitat with anything that your bearded dragon may need or like, such as a hide, basking platform, or climbing branch.
Special thanks to Kevin Reinhardt for creating this project!

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