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DIY Bird Magician Costume

Dress your bird in a tuxedo and top hat for Halloween or a black tie affair! Measure your bird. Draw the shape of the front of the tuxedo on a piece of newspaper, then draw straps coming off of the tuxedo to wrap around the back of your bird. Cut out the paper shape, test it on your bird to be sure it fits, then use the paper template to cut out the shape from fabric. Cut pieces of black and white fabric for the tuxedo decorations and attach them on the costume. Use a small piece of red ribbon to make a rose and attach the rose on the tuxedo lapel. Attach Velcro fasteners on the end of the straps. Cut out a rectangle and circle from sturdy paper like cardstock to make the hat, cut a hole in the center of the circle, then cut out matching pieces from fabric. Glue the fabric pieces onto the paper pieces, glue the short ends of the rectangle together to make a cylinder, then glue the cylinder onto the ring to make the top hat. Decorate the hat with a ribbon band and feathers.

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