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DIY Bird Roll Over Trick

Teach your bird to roll over! Select a treat your bird enjoys and choose a soft, wide surface for the training where your bird can easily roll, such as on a bed or on a folded blanket. Show the treat to your bird, hold the treat near one side of your bird’s head and move the treat around their back while they follow with their head. Gently nudge your bird onto its side while moving the treat behind it’s back to encourage the rolling motion. If your bird holds the treat or your finger with their beak while rolling over at first, that’s fine too. Say a command, such as “roll over,” every time you ask your bird to do the trick. Reward them with a treat and praise every time they rollover. Once your bird understands how to roll over, move your hand farther away so they cannot hold the treat or your finger while rolling over. Continue rewarding your bird every time they roll over. Once they can roll over without being touched, show your bird the treat, then put your hand behind your back and say the command. When your bird rolls, reward them.

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