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DIY Birdseed Cupcakes

Make cupcakes for your indoor or outdoor birds! Melt deep-frying grease in a saucepan and stir birdseed into the grease as it melts. Add the remaining birdseed to the pan and remove the pan from the heat when the grease has melted. Spoon the mixture into a cupcake paper that is safe for birds, press a peanut into the top of each cupcake, slightly to one side, and allow the cupcakes to cool. Thread a ribbon or string through a yarn needle or sewing needle, use the needle to push a piece of ribbon through the center of the bird cupcake and knot the end of the ribbon. Use the ribbon to hang the cupcake or continue threading cupcakes onto the ribbon to make a rope of cupcake treats.
Ingredients: birdseed, deep-frying grease and peanuts

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