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DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

Keep your cat fit with a treadmill wheel! Draw a circle for the wheel on a piece of plywood, lay a second sheet of plywood under the first, and cut the two sheets into matching circles. Draw a line along the inner edge of one circle, cut out the center of that circle, then sand all cut edges smooth. Cover the hollow circle with hockey tape. Cut thin wood blocks, attach the blocks along the edges of the solid circle, then attach the hollow circle on the front of the blocks. Wrap hardboard around the inside and outside of the wheel, attaching it to the blocks. Draw shapes on the back of the wheel, cut out the shapes, and sand the cut edges smooth. Use wood boards to build a stand for the wheel, remove a swivel mechanism from a bar stool, and attach the swivel on the stand. Cut a yoga mat to fit along the inside of the wheel, glue the mat in place, and attach the stand on the wheel.

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