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DIY Cat Holiday Collar

Make a special collar for your cat to wear during Christmas! Measure your cat’s neck or regular collar and cut a piece of elastic to the same length. Select a decorative fabric for the collar, cut a rectangle out of the fabric to the size needed for the collar. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise with the outside of the fabric facing inward and sew the long edge shut to create a tube. Turn the tube outright and thread the elastic through the tube. Sew one side of the tube shut with the end of the elastic along the seam, fold the other side of the tube inwards slightly to create a hem, then tuck the sewn end of the tube into the open end, holding the other end of the elastic in place at the open end of the tube. Sew the collar shut and attach decorative embellishments on the collar, such as a bow or a cluster of bells.

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