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DIY Cat Physical Therapy Walker

Build a walker to hold your cat up during physical therapy! Cut pieces of PVC pipe to the lengths needed. Assemble the pipes with PVC connectors and PVC end caps. Get four sturdy, round plastic lids, glue them together in sets of two to make the wheels, and drill a hole through the middle of each wheel. Attach the wheels on the back of the walker and attach rolling casters on the front of the walker. Glue the walker parts in place. Cut a square from a reusable shopping bag to the size needed to wrap under your cat’s belly, attach straps on either side of the square, and make one long strap to fit through the two small straps. Attach Velcro fasteners across the sides of the square to secure the harness on your cat. Hang the harness on the top bars of the walker and use binder clips to hold the ends of the strap in place. Put a standard cat harness on your cat and attach a strap to the harness to secure around the front bar of the walker.

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