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DIY Catwalk

Build a catwalk for your household felines! Measure the length needed for each catwalk platform, cut the wood boards and paint the wood. Locate the studs in your walls and install the catwalk boards as shelves over door frames, utilizing the wall studs. Build a cat staircase up to the catwalk and use segments of stairs to add variety to the overall design. Cut squares of carpet to attach on the top of each stair for added traction. Consider enclosing the catwalk with wire shelves or adding a wall hammock at a dead end.

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  1. Darla
    2014/10/14 @ 7:43pm #

    I love this!
    What type of wood was used and what width ?

    • ArfMeow
      2014/10/16 @ 9:42pm #

      Ask someone at a hardware store which type of wood would be ideal for this project. Best not to use pine though, as it is toxic to cats (even though it might not hurt them since it’s not alive and there’s probably no pine oil, they might not like the smell of it); although if you paint it, that might be fine. The width is up to you. What you could do is have your cat lay on its side and measure the width needed (so that your cat can lay on the catwalk if it wants to). If you have more than one cat, you may want to add on a few extra inches to prevent any traffic jams.

  2. Steve & Kim
    2015/08/22 @ 2:29pm #

    We saw your DIY catwalk and were wondering if you have an instruction sheet on building one. We have 2 cats who like to be up high.

    Thank you.

    • ArfMeow
      2015/08/23 @ 10:30am #

      Steve & Kim,
      The only instructions we have are in the post description. There are more photos of it in use on the source link though. Good luck!

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