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DIY Corner Hammock Hide

Sew a soft hammock nest for your rats! Cut six matching rectangles of fabric for the walls. Lay two pieces of fabric together and cut out a heart-shaped hole for a doorway. Repeat the process to cut a circle doorway from another two pieces of fabric, then sew the edges around the doorways together. Lay the walls in a line and sew the edges together, then fold the wall line so the outside faces inward and sew the two free ends together. Cut four matching triangles for the top and bottom of the nest, and sew the floor pieces onto the walls. Cut three small pieces of ribbon, fold the ribbons into loops, and sew the loops into the top corners facing inward as you sew on the roof. Fold the nest outright through one of the doorways and use lanyards to hang it in a corner of your rat’s cage.

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