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DIY Dog Medusa Costume

Make a Medusa costume for your dog to wear for Halloween! Measure your dog. Cut a piece of fabric to the size needed for the dress, and use Velcro fasteners to hold the edges of the dress shut. Cut a piece of the same fabric to make a collar and attach Velcro fasteners on either end. Cut pieces of pipe insulation for the top edges of the wings, and cut the pieces lengthwise in half to glue a piece of wire inside them. Cut feathers out of more insulation, glue the feathers onto the wing supports, and glue the wing supports onto the back of the collar. Cut out strips of the insulation with the shape of a snake head on each one, glue a wire into each piece, cut a piece of fabric for the hat, and glue the snakes onto the fabric. Put the hat on your dog’s head and twist two snakes together under your dog’s chin to hold the hat in place.

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