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DIY Ferret Roll Over Training

Teach your ferret to roll over on command! Select a treat that your ferret enjoys, such as a piece of kibble or tube of supplements. Saying the command, “Roll over,” show the treat to your ferret, then slowly move the treat around their head and over their back so that your ferret follows the treat with its nose and rolls over while following the treat. Reward your pet with the treat and praise when it has rolled over. If using a tube of supplements, put some of the supplement on your finger and repeat the training. If using a piece of kibble, hold the treat between two fingers with the other fingers extended flat and repeat the training. Reward your pet each time it rolls over. Repeat the training without a treat in your hand, only rewarding your pet when it has rolled over. Ask your pet to roll over, only barely gesturing with your hand, and reward it when it has rolled over. If needed, have a ferret that knows this trick perform it in front of your new ferret to show it what to do.

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