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Image Credit: gardensandcrafts.com
Pet Types: Amphibians, Wild
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DIY Gnome Toad House

Design a house for a toad that looks like a gnome’s house! Cut a piece of wide PVC pipe to the length needed for the toad house, then cut out a wide doorway from one end of the pipe and sand all the cut edges smooth. Cut off the base of a funnel, sand the outside of the funnel to rough up the plastic and glue a piece of coconut fiber around the outside of the funnel. Paint a wooden ball and glue it to the tip of the roof. Sand the outside of the PVC pipe, glue stones around the sides of the pipe and glue pieces of moss into all the tiny spots between the stones. Consider adding a few stones to the inside of the house for decorations the toad may enjoy, glue the roof onto the house and set the toad house in your yard or garden over a patch of open dirt so the toad can bury itself when needed.

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