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DIY Hamster Doughnuts

Bake doughnut shaped-treats for your hamster! Combine the oats and flour in a bowl, then stir in some water to make a dough. If safe for your breed of hamster, mix raisins into the dough. Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil, put little balls of the dough on the foil, and push the back of a pen through the center of each doughnut to make the hole. If safe for your hamster, melt yogurt drops with some water in the microwave. Bake the doughnuts, pour some of the melted yogurt drops over each one as frosting, and sprinkle flax seeds on top. Put the treats in the refrigerator to solidify the frosting and give your pet a doughnut each week as a special treat.
Ingredients: Oats, whole wheat flour, raisins, yogurt drops, flax seeds, and water

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