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DIY Hamster Playground

Build a playground for your hamster! Get a piece of wood for the playground base and paint the wood with water dyed with food coloring. Cut Popsicle sticks in half, dye the sticks with the food coloring mixture and use nontoxic glue to glue the sticks around the sides of the wood to create a fence. Fasten together wood dowels in V-shapes to make the frame of a swing set, drill holes in the playground, glue the frame into the holes and attach chains on a small square of wood to make the swing. Drill small wood blocks around the edges of a thin piece of wood to make a sandbox and fill the box with sand. Cut a piece of plastic pipe in half lengthwise, attach small wood dowels between two wood beams to make a ladder, attach a thin wood block on top of the ladder to make a platform and attach the pipe half on the ladder platform to make a slide. Drill and sand a thin block of wood to make a bowl, set the bowl below the slide to catch your hamster and set blocks and balls around the playground for your hamster to enjoy.

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