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DIY Hamster Tunnel Swing Toy

Make a swinging tunnel for your hamster! Glue stacks of jumbo Popsicle sticks together with nontoxic glue, then glue the stacks together in the shape of the stand. Cut a jumbo Popsicle stick into pieces, attach the pieces in a small stack near the top on either side of the vertical posts, and glue the last stack of jumbo sticks over the top of the small stacks. Flatten two toilet paper tubes, cut them open along one creased edge and glue one edge of each together. Poke holes in one tube, then glue jumbo Popsicle sticks around the outside of the tubes. Cut a small Popsicle stick into pieces and glue the pieces over the exposed area of the tube tunnel where the holes are punched. Use natural twine to hang the tunnel from the stand.

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