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DIY Horse Drink Training

Ensure your horse stays hydrated with these neat tricks! Randomly flavor your horse’s grain or water with sources of electrolytes, such as slices of apples, Gatorade, Jell-O mix or table salt. Determine which electrolyte sources your horse enjoys the most, such as a specific flavor of Jell-O. Keep the electrolyte source with you when traveling with your horse to entice your horse to drink when necessary. Bring several gallons of water from home when traveling and mix the water into the new water at your destination, gradually increasing the amount of new water, to familiarize your horse with the foreign water. If needed, soak hay with water to ensure your horse gets water with every bite. Practice each method randomly, such as feeding your horse handfuls of soggy hay, to prepare for occasions when your horse does not want to drink.

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