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DIY Horse Tail Plaiting

Plait your horse’s tail for shows or events! Separate two small strands of hair from either side of the top of the tail, pull the strands to meet in the center and cross the right strand over the left. Holding the strands together, take a small strand of hair from the left side of the tail and cross it over the first two strands. Take a small strand from the right side of the tail, add it to the nearest strand of the braid and cross the strand over the group. Continue adding strands from alternating sides of the tail to the nearest braid strand and crossing the strands as you braid. Moisten your hands with water to smooth the tail as you braid and tie a band around the end or wrap the end of the braid with thread, pull the end of the braid up to the base of the plaiting and thread the braid to itself.

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