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DIY Jar Squirrel Feeder

Make a jar feeder for your squirrels! Find a large jar or plastic bottle and if using a bottle, cut off the neck and sand the edges. Measure the width of the jar or bottle and cut a wood board for the base. Cut two smaller wood boards for the jar platform and attach a piece of wood along either side of the top to prevent the jar from rolling. Attach an L-bracket to the wood behind the jar, drill two eye hooks on either side of the platform and use bungee cords to hold the jar in place. Cut three wood sticks, glue the sticks into a door frame and attach a piece of rubber car mat to the top of the door frame as a flap. Attach the feeder to a fence post or tree branch in your yard and fill the jar with rodent chow or other safe foods for your local squirrels.

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