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DIY Lizard Pool Deck

Make a deck with stairs for your bearded dragon’s pool! Get a litter box or other plastic tub that is a good size for your bearded dragon and has a lip. Measure each side of the box, cut pieces of wood to fit around each side of the box just below the lip, and assemble the wood in place. Attach a piece of plywood across the bottom of the wood box, cut four larger blocks of wood, and attach the wood under each edge of the pool box. Attach one wood beam on the side of the pool deck to create a staircase, and put a large rock in the pool for your dragon to sit on or use to climb out of the pool if needed. Attach an airline hose to an air pump, then put the open end of the hose in one corner of the pool and tape the hose in place to add a bubble feature to the pool.

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