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Learn how to give your dog or cat CPR for an emergency! Talk to your pet to be sure they are unconscious first, then check your pet’s airway by opening their mouth and pulling out their tongue. Look for any foreign objects, vomit or obstructions and clear the airway. For large dogs, wrap your hands around your pet’s muzzle and blow air into their nose or for smaller dogs and cats, hold their lips shut and blow into their nose. Lay your dog or cat on their right side and pull their elbow back to their side to locate their heart. Wrap your hands with one palm over the heart and the other hand under the heart. Perform twelve chest compressions on your pet’s heart by pumping the base of your top palm into the heart area, give your pet two breaths of air and then repeat. For smaller dogs or cats, you can use one hand and perform the compressions with your thumb.

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