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DIY Pet Face Christmas Stocking

Make a stocking for your pet that has their face on it! Draw the shape of the stocking on a piece of newspaper, cut out the shape, then use the paper template to cut out two matching shapes from fabric. Fold the top of the stocking forward to create the cuff and iron the fold to hold it in place. Sew or glue the edges of the stocking together, adding a ribbon loop to the top corner. Cut pieces of felt to the shapes needed to create your pet’s face, as well as a Christmas hat, scarf or bow for them to wear. Glue their faces together, sew on beads for the eyes, and sew on a pom-pom, bell, or other embellishments for their attire. Glue pieces of embroidery thread onto the faces for whiskers if needed, then glue the face onto their stocking.

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