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Image Credit: myflatpet.com
Pet Types: Birds, Cats, Dogs, Reptiles, Rodents
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DIY Pet Poster

Create a flat version of your pet! Print a poster-size picture of your pet and glue the picture onto a piece of foam board. Set a piece of cardboard underneath the foam board and cut out the shape of your pet. Cut a piece of foam board that is is a shape similar to a trapezoid with one long edge to run along the back of the pet poster and a right angle at the bottom of that edge for the bottom to sit flat on the floor. Draw a small square in the middle of the tall edge of the trapezoid, cut out the top and inner side of the square, and fold the square outwards. Glue the long edge of the trapezoid onto the back of the poster and see what your pet thinks of their flat image.

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