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DIY Puppy Incubator

Keep chihuahuas or other small puppies warm and safe in an incubator box! Select a cardboard box that will easily fit the puppies and their mother and cut a hole out of the front of the box for the mother to enter and exit. Line the edges of the cut hole with masking tape and line any sharp edges inside the box with masking tape. Put folded newspaper in the bottom of the box, cut a hole in the back corner along the bottom of the box and put a heating pad inside the box with the electrical cord coming out the hole. Cover the edges of the hole with masking tape, lay several sheets of newspaper over the top of the box and use masking tape to hold the newspaper in place. Fold a mailing envelope in half lengthwise and tape the envelope inside the box over the lower half of the doorway. Tape a thermometer inside the box, and put a heating pad cover on the pad or cover the pad with a towel.

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