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DIY Sick Bird Recovery Cage

Help your bird rest and recover from illness! Ge a clear plastic container that is a good size for your bird. Drill or poke ventilation holes along the top and bottom of the sides of the container, or cut out a large hole from one side of the container, poke several smaller holes around the large hole, cover the large hole with a piece of screen, and use zip ties to attach the screen. Lay heat tape under the middle of the container and put a towel inside the container. Set a piece of tile under either end of the container to hold it off the ground. Put shallow shoes, such as Crocs, in the cage and set a food and water dish in the opening of each shoe. If your bird prefers a water bottle, attach it to the wall of the cage, but also provide the water bowl. Attach a PVC T-connector onto either end of a small PVC pipe or wood dowel for your bird to use as a floor perch, or give your bird a soft Nylabone to stand on. Put a thermometer in the cage to monitor the temperature.

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